There is no uniform requirement for our Base Camp Programs (One Day, Two Day).


Racing Suit- All athletes who will race this winter need to purchase a racing suit.  This includes all High School and National Comp Team athletes and most Devo Team athletes.  For your convenience, there are several uniform options available at various price points.  This will be your racing suit to keep, so put your name in it and take good care of it. Link and ordering options will be posted soon.

Warm Up Jacket- All Team Program Athletes (Devo, High School, and National Comp) must have a team warm up jacket.  Jackets can be purchased at the “Fit night”.

Warm Up Pant- Warm up pants are for sale. This is a completely optional purchase.  Athletes are welcome to wear any black pants as part of our Team Uniform.

Both the jacket and pants offered in though our partners at Swix are a very good deal on high quality training clothes.  For your convenience, the Gear Catalog also contains some Nordic skiing essentials that you can purchase at a significantly reduced rate.


Sample items are available to try on at our Nordic Fit Night (AVSC Clubhouse, Sept 25th) and will remain available until the end of that week.  .  After Sept. 25rd you will just need to guess.  Sizes are pretty true to normal.

Anyone looking to sell an old uniform should do so at the ski swap!


Come to team night Monday September 25th at AVSC Club house or email August to get the latest information.


All orders are due by October 3rd!


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