1461242_553638501390061_1983102897_nJoin AVSC’s Nordic programs and watch your son or daughter excel in athletics and life.  We have a rich tradition of success with three current U.S. National Team athletes, two Sochi Olympic team members, and hundreds of exceptional alumni, student-athletes that have continued to be involved in this life-long sport.  Our programs are designed to develop, challenge, and engage athletes of all ability levels.

Click HERE to see a list of our Nordic Programs on the AVSC club wide website.

All of AVSC’s programs are offered in Carbondale at the Spring Gulch Trails and in Aspen at the Aspen High School Trails.  Practice days and program costs vary slightly depending on the location.

Unsure what program is best for your son or daughter?

AVSC’s Nordic Programs are designed for children to progress in ability and commitment from our Base Camp programs through the high school Team programs. Coaching staff recommendations based on age and ability are listed below. There is some purposeful age overlap built into program descriptions for parent discretion. Parents are encouraged to discuss their son or daughter’s preferences with a coach.




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