One Day Base Camp- Aspen HS Trails

Age 5-9 (U8/10)                                                                                    2:30-4:00 pm (Wed.)

WEDNESDAYS: January 6 to March 9

On or before Nov. 28: $325     |       After Nov. 28: $350     |      AVSC Cost: $450



One Day Base Camp is a fun, learn-to-ski cross country programs geared towards children ages 5-9. The emphasis will be on fostering a love for the sport and enjoying winter in the Roaring Fork Valley. At base camp, children will unknowingly develop basic motor skills invaluable to their future athletic involvement. Skill such as coordination, agility, and balance will be taught through a variety of games and activities. As children progress through the Base Camp programs they will learn teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, and other essential habits common among successful adolescents. Base camp participants will be coached by an experienced staff that is dedicated to the safety and success of its participants. Scholarships are available for these programs.


4 thoughts on “One Day Base Camp- Aspen HS Trails

  1. Does the public school (aspen public elementary) have a shuttle or bus to the Aspen HS trails for 5-9 year olds on Wednesdays? Does Aspen Country Day School have the option to drop off it’s participating 5-9 students at the Aspen HS trail also? Do 5-9 children take their equipment on the bus each week to practice, or can skis be left at the venue? Thank you, KB

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