Devo Team Program- Aspen HS Trails:

Age 10-13 (U12/14)                                                                            4:00 to 5:30 (Mon. & Fri.)        

                                                                                                                3:00 to 4:30 (Wed.)

MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS: November 9th to March 12th

On or before Sept 30th: $1075     |     After Sept 30th: $1175       |   AVSC Cost: $1500

***Plus $250 parent work deposit



The Devo Team Program is a bridge between the Base Camp and Competition Team Programs.  Although the emphasis of this program will be on skill development and fun, Devo athletes will work with coaches to learn how to set and achieve process goals. At practice, athletes will start to challenge themselves to make improvements as ski racers, teammates, and people.  Devo Team athletes will progress towards mastering their ABC’s (agility, balance and coordination), learn ski specific technique skills, and improve body awareness. In addition, Devo athletes will be introduced to endurance, stamina, speed and dryland training.  Athletes will learn some race strategy and pacing skills along with how to maintain and care for their own equipment. All athletes under the age of 12 must travel and lodge with a parent on overnight trips.

To meet your coaches, click HERE!

Click for Equipment and Uniform Requirements.

Click for our Team Program Parent Handbook.

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