Summer Training Groups

Summer is here and it’s time to think about getting in shape so that you can achieve all your athletics goals next year.  Without a doubt, the summer months are the best time to make big gains in your fitness.  Join the Nordic team in weekly roller ski sessions to improve endurance, balance, strength, and ski specific technique.

Carbondale Summer Roller Ski Group- Tuesday’s @5PM
$75 for 10 sessions
June 14th to August 18th
Meet at Roaring Fork High School to ski on Crystal River Bike Path
Always bring skate gear (skate or combi boots, poles and helmet required)
If you do not own roller skis you can arrange to borrow some from the club.

Aspen Summer Roller Ski Group- Thursday’s @ 5PM
$75 for 10 sessions
June 16th to August 20th
Meet at the Rio Grande Bike Path crossing just downstream of the Woody Creek Tavern (by Chaparral Dr)
Always bring skate gear (skate or combi boots, poles and helmet required)
If you do not own roller skis you can arrange to borrow some from the club.


***Registration is due on June 10th

This program is designed for athletes in 6th to 12th grade of all abilities. You do not need any roller ski experience, just patience and a sense of humor.  Athletes will need their own boots and poles.  You can borrow roller skis from the club but need to arrange this with Maria in advance.

There is no formal scholarship process in the summer but shoot Maria a note if any part of this program is cost prohibitive and I will come up with some work-study ideas for athletes.


We do not have a way to order boots through the team in the summer.  You can find some great online deals.  Here is a good one:—20152016/400465/393673/393770/394336/1964600?gclid=Cj0KEQjwvZq6BRC9kfq2zKfQ_94BEiQAOeUVCwrOWUfw8aCjY1PUQRPgI28x20OvhXWHTjN2NSUG16kaAkYK8P8HAQ

If you need poles, you can order new poles through me (send email with pole and size).  The three poles listed below will make great roller ski poles and winter race poles.  The higher the price, the stiffer and lighter the pole will be.  All three options are good to great poles.

Swix CT1 Star- $170 + $15 roller ski tips = $185
Swix CT2 Team-  $140 + $15 roller ski tips = $155
Swix CT3- $90 + $15 roller ski tips = $105

If you already own poles, you just need the $15 roller ski tips.  Let me know if you need these and we can change pole tips together before the first practice.

Rally your friends together join us this summer.  The more people on skis the more fun we will have!  June 13th is coming up fast so get on top of the gear right away!



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