Owl Creek Chase- It’s for YOU!

Dear AVSC Nordic Parents,

This Sunday, February 14th is the Owl Creek Chase.  This is our biggest community skiing event.  It’s a gorgeous ski from the Snowmass golf course to Aspen golf course.  It is a 21K (seems much shorter) and has phenomenal views and awesome rolling terrain.  We are super lucky to have this rare, point-to-point ski event in our community!

You do not have to be a “racer” to participate!  Over 12,000 people finish the American Birkie every year (50K) and anywhere between 5 and 11,000 of them are much slower than you.  It’s not about the racing or racers.  It’s about a shared experience filled with triumph and struggle that brings people together.

Sunday is a chance for you to ski from Snowmass to Aspen without having to take your skis off when you cross roads and have someone bring you water in the middle.  If you know how to Nordic ski AT ALL, come out and join the AVSC staff and participate in the Owl Creek Chase.  You do not have to “race.”  It’s a beautiful ski!  This is a chance for your kids to support YOU!  I guarantee, it will mean something big for them to see you out there.  Register for this awesome community event today!  http://www.owlcreekchase.com/race-info/





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