Parent Meeting Info

We did a quick mid-season parent meeting at the AVSC Clubhouse last night.  The main purpose was to talk about what events we have coming up very quickly.  The Nordic Bonfire Dinner (2/7) and our Home Race (2/14-2/15).  We need all hands on deck for these events!  These two weekends are the Nordic Community at it’s finest.  Please get involved.  We would not be able to pull this off without your volunteerism.  It is rewarding and a ton of fun to be out there.

Before the Bonfire event, you can help by hanging poster and inviting your friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors to buy tickets.  Bonfire Dinner tickets are available on the website, in the office or at the door.

Please sign up for a Bonfire Dinner volunteer position here:

Please sign up for a volunteer position at our home race here:

Here is the parent meeting agenda:   Parent Meeting 01272015 Agenda

Here is our beautiful 30th anniversary bonfire poster:

2015 Nordic Bonfire Poster FINAL (2)



Feels Like Spring (Gulch)

Spring Gulch Base Camp is starting week four already – time just keeps gliding by quickly. The kids have been enjoying more warm and sunny days while working on balance, gliding, double poling, body position, ski golf, speedball, tag and many other games. All of our coaches are really enjoying watching the kids improve already and seeing how much fun everyone is having.

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Two Orders of Business

1. All uniforms and gear should be here and distributed.  If you are missing anything that you ordered please let me know right away.  If you would like to purchase something that you did not originally order let me know as well.  We do have some extras.

2. There will be a mid season parent meeting at the AVSC Clubhouse on Tuesday, January 27th at 5:30PM.  Please be there if you can!

Volunteer Opportunities: Nordic Bonfire/USSA Race


It’s time again for the annual AVSC Nordic Bonfire Dinner on February 7th 6-8pm at the Aspen Golf Course Nordic Trails. I hope everyone plans to attend, but I am also reaching out to recruit volunteers. This is the Nordic team’s biggest fundraiser of the year so we need your help! If you are interested in volunteering, please sign up at:


Enter your email address. Pick a position. Or, if you prefer, feel free to send an email to npepe@teamavsc or call 904.583.0644 to volunteer.


In addition, I will be recruiting volunteers for the USSA Rocky Mountain Nordic Competition and Jr. National Team naming on February 14th-15th in Aspen.


February is a big month for the Nordic team. I encourage everyone to participate and help out!


Thank you,


Nori Pepe

AVSC Nordic Team Program Manager

Sharks & Minnows

IMG_1953Spring Gulch Base Camp started last week with warm weather and lots of fun.

Over 50 kids made it out to start their season on Monday and Wednesday. After coaches assessed skills and experience, groups went out for instruction.

After practicing weight transfer and skiing without poles, all the groups convened back at the open field for a big game of Sharks & Minnows. The Spring Gulch Devo team joined to make it extra fun and set the vibe for a fun year of Nordic!