Uniform Order Update

Hi Parents,

Uniforms have been ordered. Bills are going to the accounting department today and checks will be cashed within a week. If you gave me a check for your uniform, you will be getting a receipt when the check is cashed. If you asked to put the charge on your account, the office will charge your card on file or send you an invoice hopefully within a week.

If you applied for a scholarship and purchased a uniform, the cost of the race, suit, warm up jacket, and pant (if ordered) was included in your total program fee on the scholarship form. No equipment or other gear items could be included. You will still receive a bill for the uniform even if it was included in your scholarship packet, but your award will reflect the uniform cost.

Here is an example scholarship scenario:

Aspen Devo Team Program Fee: $975
Uniform cost: $320 if you purchased the whole package (silver race suit, warm up jacket, warm up pant)
Total on scholarship form: $1295
Scholarship award: $600 to put towards your program fees and uniform bill which are issued separately

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. I did order some extra uniforms, so if you were behind on ordering a uniform check with me to see if I have your size.  Race suits should be here by late November.

There will be another suit and jacket order happening on November 28th when the Base Camp order forms are due. Anything ordered at the November 28th date will not be here until January.







2 thoughts on “Uniform Order Update

  1. Hi Maria,

    Did you get my uniform request yesterday? And if so, how does it relate to the email below?

    Also, what time will the team be leaving for Grand Mesa on 11/20? Will Colt have time to go to school that day?



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