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Hello Nordic Families and fans-


We are moving onto teamavsc.org  We have been asked to get all AVSC information into one place, so you will still have access to all the information that you have come to relay on but its moving to the club web page. Please stick with us during this transition and if you can not find what your looking for just ask.



PS NORDIC FIT NIGHT is September 25th  5:00-7:30pm @ the clubhouse. See you all there.


Aspen RMN JNQ (update 1.19.2017)

Host: Aspen Valley Ski Club

Location: 300 AVSC Rd, Aspen, CO 81611


Monday, January 16th, 2017

Email  TEAM Entries to Mike Elliott from Four Corner’s Timing (teamelliott@frontier.net ) (Must recive before 21:00)

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Published Entry List

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Official training from 13:00-16:30

Team Captains Meeting 17:30 Downstairs in AVSC Club House

Saturady, January 21, 2017

Emily U-14/12 Girls (Arrive at 9:30 Saturday)
Austin/ Ben K. U-14/12 Boys (Arrive at 9:30 Saturday)
Travis U-16 Girls (Arrive at 8:30 Saturday)
Rob U-16 Boys (Arrive at 8:30 Saturday)
Justin U-18/20 Girls (Arrive at 8:30 Saturday)
Ben D. U-18 Boys (Arrive at 8:30 Saturday)

Classic Sprint


Group Round Start time
U-16/18/20 Boys Qualifying 10:00
U-16/18/20 Gilrs Qualifying 10:25
U-14 Boys Qualifying 10:55
U-12 Boys Qualifying 11:10
U-14 Girls Qualifying 11:23
U-12 Girls Qualifying 11:35
U-10 Boys Qualifying 11:43
U-10 Girls Qualifying 11:48
U18/20 Boys Heat 1 12:30 0:05
U18/20 Boys Heat 2 12:35 0:05
U18/20 Boys Heat 3 12:40 0:05
U18/20 Boys Heat 4 12:45 0:05
U18/20 Boys Heat 5 12:50 0:05
U18/20 Girls Heat 1 12:55 0:05
U18/20 Girls Heat 2 13:00 0:05
U18/20 Girls Heat 3 13:05 0:05
U18/20 Girls Heat 4 13:10 0:05
U18/20 Girls Heat 5 13:15 0:05
U18/20 Boys Semi 1 13:20 0:05
U18/20 Boys Semi 2 13:25 0:05
U18/20 Girls Semi 1 13:30 0:05
U18/20 Girls Semi 2 13:35 0:05
U18/20 Boys Final 13:40 0:05
U18/20 Girls Final 13:45 0:05
U-8/10 Boys Mass Start 13:55 0:10
U-8/10 Girls Mass Start 14:05 0:10
U-16 Boys Heat 1 14:15 0:10
U-16 Boys Heat 2 14:20 0:05
U-16 Boys Heat 3 14:25 0:05
U-16 Boys Heat 4 14:30 0:05
U-16 Boys Heat 5 14:35 0:05
U-16 Girls Heat 1 14:40 0:05
U-16 Girls Heat 2 14:45 0:05
U-16 Girls Heat 3 14:50 0:05
U-16 Girls Heat 4 14:55 0:05
U-16 Girls Heat 5 15:00 0:05
U-16 Boys Semi 1 15:05 0:05
U-16 Boys Semi 2 15:10 0:05
U-16 Girls Semi 1 15:15 0:05
U-16 Girls Semi 2 15:20 0:05
U-16 Boys Final 15:25 0:05
U-16 Girls Final 15:30 0:05
U-14 Boys Semi 1 15:40 0:10
U-14 Boys Semi 2 15:45 0:05
U-14 Boys Semi 3 15:50 0:05
U-14 Girls Semi 1 15:55 0:05
U-14 Girls Semi 2 16:00 0:05
U-14 Girls Semi 3 16:05 0:05
U-14 Boys Final 16:10 0:05
U-14 Girls Final 16:15 0:05
U-12 Boys Semi 1 16:20 0:05
U-12 Boys Semi 2 16:25 0:05
U-12 Boys Semi 3 16:30 0:05
U-12 Girls Semi 1 16:35 0:05
U-12 Girls Semi 2 16:40 0:05
U-12 Boys Final 16:45 0:05
U-12 Girls Final 16:50 0:05

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Freestyle Mass Start

9:00     U-16 Girls 5 km

9:30     U-16 Boys 5km

10:00   U-18/20 Girls 10km

10:45   U-18/20 Boys 15km

11:45   U-14 Girls (3km)

11:50  U- 12 Girls (3km)

12:10   U-14 Boys (3km)

12:15  U-14 Boys (3km)

12:30  U-10  Boys (1km)

12:35   U-14 Boys (3km)


Technical Delegate:   Quincee Cotton

Chief of Race:             Casey Ward

Chief of Course:          Matt Khunn

Chief of Medical         Dave Lorah, MD

Chief of Timing:          Mike Elliott

Entries:         All FIS, USSA, and RMN rules apply. Each team must submit a team entry form attached, by Monday (no later then 21:00) to Mike Elliott from Four Corner’s Timing (teamelliott@frontier.net )

Entry Fees:

$35 per Race (U-16/18/20, OPEN)

$25 per Race (U-14/12)

$10 per Race (U-10/8)

Contact:        August Teague ateague@teamavsc.org


Saturday is an incredibly busy day at AVSC – in addition to the usual Base Camp programming and teams training, we’re hosting RMD Nordic races, USSA and FIS alpine races, and the High School has event all day. As a result, parking and traffic patterns will be very tight. We will have 4 parking attendants on site controlling traffic, but please read the following carefully and plan accordingly:


–          The middle school lot will be the only lot available for parking. Please use the Maroon Creek entrance.

–          Base Camp participants will have a drop off lane on AVSC drive, but there will be no parking available. AVSC lane will be one way from Moore Drive through to the Middle school lot.

–          Please avoid driving to the clubhouse road. The club lot will be closed to the public (available for full time AVSC staff and Nordic trailers only prior to 8:15).

–          The high school lot will be closed to AVSC and the general public.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Course Maps:





Volunteer Sign Up:






Nordic Parent Meeting (Devo and Comp)

Goooood morning AVSC Nordic Families-

We are so excited for the up coming season and are hoping Mother Nature starts to share our excitement with some colder temps and precipitation. In the mean time we are going to hold our first parents meeting of the season.

This is a mandatory meeting for at least one parent of each child in the program. We are going to offer two times, so if you cannot make one you’re welcome to come to the other. The important information will be the same at both meetings, however they will be slightly different in that each meeting will be more specifically focused on its respective location.

In this meeting we will introduce the staff, go over programs, communication, race sign-ups, and the parent handbook. We will also address any questions or concerns that you have.

Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Aspen Meeting:

  • November 14th 5:30-6:30 pm
  • AVSC Club House- Down Stairs

Carbondale Meeting

  • November 16th 6:00-7:00pm
  • Roaring Fork High School- Follow the signs (will be in the band room)


Annual Spring Gulch Trails Workday

Saturday, September 10th, 2016

Meet at 1:00pm at the Spring Gulch Trails Parking Lot

We would love to have a big AVSC contingent at this event as the Spring Gulch Trails are a MAJOR partner in offering high quality nordic programs for our Carbondale families.  Please put this on your calendars and show up in force.  Don’t forget to bring your young AVSC athletes to participate and wear some AVSC clothing to represent us well!  September is also a great time to purchase or renew your Spring Gulch Membership.  Click here to be routed to the Spring Gulch Membership page.  

We will be doing our yearly job of getting the Spring Gulch Trails ready for another great season of cross-country skiing. Dress in your durable working clothes and bring suitable rain gear, just in case. We will be doing the usual pruning and clearing so if you have heavy duty pruners, tree saws, wheelbarrows, rakes or shovels, please bring them. Bring some water because it can be hot and dry.

U8 Boys receive awards after the Spring Gulch portion of the 2016 Tour de Sea Ski Festival. THANK YOU SPRING GULCH!


For more information, contact John Armstrong, 970-618-9825 or john.armstrong@pitkincounty.com


AVSC Nordic Community Crust Ski, This Saturday, June 4th!

Lost Man- Anders and Bryan

Anders and Bryan explore Independence Lake on Skate Skis

All athletes, parents, alumni and friends are invited to join us for a Lost Man Crust ski on Saturday, June 4th. You can use skate gear (recommended), AT skis, or snowshoes. We will meet at the Upper Lost Man trail head at 6:45AM sharp and be back in plenty of time for AHS Graduation.

You can ski as long or as short as you want but I’d plan for 1.5 -2.5 hours.

Crust skiing is an out-of-this-world experience, you do not want to miss it! Set your alarm clocks and make sure to eat breakfast.

Meet at the Upper Lost Man Trail Head at 6:45AM.
Bring Skate skis, boots and poles (recommended)
Have lots of water and snacks
Carpool with friends as parking is limited.

We hope to see you there!

Summer Training Groups

Summer is here and it’s time to think about getting in shape so that you can achieve all your athletics goals next year.  Without a doubt, the summer months are the best time to make big gains in your fitness.  Join the Nordic team in weekly roller ski sessions to improve endurance, balance, strength, and ski specific technique.

Carbondale Summer Roller Ski Group- Tuesday’s @5PM
$75 for 10 sessions
June 14th to August 18th
Meet at Roaring Fork High School to ski on Crystal River Bike Path
Always bring skate gear (skate or combi boots, poles and helmet required)
If you do not own roller skis you can arrange to borrow some from the club.

Aspen Summer Roller Ski Group- Thursday’s @ 5PM
$75 for 10 sessions
June 16th to August 20th
Meet at the Rio Grande Bike Path crossing just downstream of the Woody Creek Tavern (by Chaparral Dr)
Always bring skate gear (skate or combi boots, poles and helmet required)
If you do not own roller skis you can arrange to borrow some from the club.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: http://www.teamavsc.org/page.cfm?pageid=48847

***Registration is due on June 10th

This program is designed for athletes in 6th to 12th grade of all abilities. You do not need any roller ski experience, just patience and a sense of humor.  Athletes will need their own boots and poles.  You can borrow roller skis from the club but need to arrange this with Maria in advance.

There is no formal scholarship process in the summer but shoot Maria a note if any part of this program is cost prohibitive and I will come up with some work-study ideas for athletes.


We do not have a way to order boots through the team in the summer.  You can find some great online deals.  Here is a good one: http://xcski.gearwest.com/p/salomon-pro-combi-pilot-boot—20152016/400465/393673/393770/394336/1964600?gclid=Cj0KEQjwvZq6BRC9kfq2zKfQ_94BEiQAOeUVCwrOWUfw8aCjY1PUQRPgI28x20OvhXWHTjN2NSUG16kaAkYK8P8HAQ

If you need poles, you can order new poles through me (send email with pole and size).  The three poles listed below will make great roller ski poles and winter race poles.  The higher the price, the stiffer and lighter the pole will be.  All three options are good to great poles.

Swix CT1 Star- $170 + $15 roller ski tips = $185
Swix CT2 Team-  $140 + $15 roller ski tips = $155
Swix CT3- $90 + $15 roller ski tips = $105

If you already own poles, you just need the $15 roller ski tips.  Let me know if you need these and we can change pole tips together before the first practice.

Rally your friends together join us this summer.  The more people on skis the more fun we will have!  June 13th is coming up fast so get on top of the gear right away!


Big Week Wrap Up

Hi Parents,

I am so proud of the two incredible events we put on last week!  We were able to showcase every AVSC nordic age group, including our awesome parent volunteers!  There was so much energy flying around the nordic trails I still have goose bumps.

Thank you for all your hard work, time and energy making these events possible!  We could not do these events without you.

Here are the results from Thursday and Friday’s state Championships:

State Classic 2016

State Skate 2016

I put the results from Saturday and Sunday’s Roaring Fork Valley Tour de Sea HERE.

There are hundreds of fabulous photos of your beautiful children from this past weekend on our AVSC Nordic Facebook page, courtesy of Beth Wille.  These pictures can be easily copied and saved to your own computer.  You can access the Facebook page even if you do not have Facebook yourself.

Saturday Tour de Sea

Friday State Freestyle Race

Thursday State Classic Race

If you have any good pictures or video from the year, please send them my way (in the highest quality possible) for our end of year video.

Let’s keep skiing until the snow melts.




AVSC Races- Volunteers Needed!!!

Hi AVSC Nordic Families,Stadium

We have four days of racing coming up Feb 25th-28th.  We need tons of help!  There are work opportunities all over the place (Aspen and Spring Gulch).  Look at the volunteer links and sign up for multiple days!  I am so excited about this opportunity showcase our whole valley!  We need all hands on deck.

Volunteer Sign Up, Thursday & Friday: http://vols.pt/rmERjo

Volunteer Sign Up, Saturday & Sunday: http://vols.pt/42Gcxs

Here is the Schedule:

Thursday, February 25th 2016: ASPEN HIGH SCHOOL TRAILS
CHSAA State Champs, 5K Interval Start Classic
3:30PM- Girls
4:15PM- Boys

Friday, February 26th 2016: ASPEN HIGH SCHOOL TRAILS
CHSAA State Champs, 5K Mass Start Freestyle
3:30PM- Girls
4:15PM- Boys

Saturday, February 27th 2016: ASPEN HIGH SCHOOL TRAILS
Roaring Fork Valley “Tour De Sea” Nordic Ski Festival & RMN U14 Champs
Underwater Themed XC Cross Course
10:00AM- 1st Run
11:00AM- 2nd Run
12:00PM- RMN Coaches Relay (we are the defending champions)

Sunday, February 28th 2016: SPRING GULCH
Roaring Fork Valley “Tour De Sea” Nordic Ski Festival & RMN U14 Champs
Wave Start Classic
10:00AM- Start

In addition, we will have 2 work days prior to these events, one in Aspen and one at Spring Gulch.  They will come up very quickly next week so watch your email.  I need to confirm times and days with the grooming/trails folks.



Owl Creek Chase- It’s for YOU!

Dear AVSC Nordic Parents,

This Sunday, February 14th is the Owl Creek Chase.  This is our biggest community skiing event.  It’s a gorgeous ski from the Snowmass golf course to Aspen golf course.  It is a 21K (seems much shorter) and has phenomenal views and awesome rolling terrain.  We are super lucky to have this rare, point-to-point ski event in our community!

You do not have to be a “racer” to participate!  Over 12,000 people finish the American Birkie every year (50K) and anywhere between 5 and 11,000 of them are much slower than you.  It’s not about the racing or racers.  It’s about a shared experience filled with triumph and struggle that brings people together.

Sunday is a chance for you to ski from Snowmass to Aspen without having to take your skis off when you cross roads and have someone bring you water in the middle.  If you know how to Nordic ski AT ALL, come out and join the AVSC staff and participate in the Owl Creek Chase.  You do not have to “race.”  It’s a beautiful ski!  This is a chance for your kids to support YOU!  I guarantee, it will mean something big for them to see you out there.  Register for this awesome community event today!  http://www.owlcreekchase.com/race-info/